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Bethel officials are trying to get to the bottom of cost overruns on the police station construction project.  There were a couple of change orders, some of which are still waiting for approval or denial.  Public Site and Building committee Vice Chairman Nancy Ryan said getting to end of any project, they start finding things that may have been overlooked or have to changed. 


A few examples are elevator branch circuitry, a possible drainage issue at the front of the building. 


A two-part problem is in the server room.  A less expensive chemical fire suppressant option was looked at, but the code calls for the more expensive agent.  The volume of the room was also increased because the ceiling was raised from the designed 8 feet, to a 9.5 foot ceiling. 


First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker questioned if there were things the architect should have reasonably planned for.  He gave the example of the elevator, one of the main reasons for the delay.  Knickerbocker wanted to know why the elevator is being carried in piece by piece and assembled, rather than having it installed before the building was nearly finished.  He wondered whether that was a design or construction sequencing error.  If the material wasn't ordered in time, Knickerbocker called that an error costing the town more.

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