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Local lawmaker calls on auditors to investigate UConn

A local lamwaker is calling for state aduitors to investigate UConn. 


Danbury Senator Mike McLachlan sent a letter to the auditors after learning that a professor and his administrative assistant violated travel and compensatory time policies that cost UConn more than $100,000.  The pair approved each other's travel expenses to Dublin, LA, South Korea and India. 


McLachlan said the lack of overnight is similar to problems discovered earlier this year at the UConn Health Center, where it came to light from a whistleblower complaint, not UConn's checks and balances.  UConn Medical Center sent regular payments to a professor who had not reported to work in about eight months and was discovered to have been dead much of that time.


An Auditor’s report disclosed improper payment of compensatory time for staff and poor recordkeeping, as well as other irregularities.