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5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty has had another bill she introduced signed into law.  The measure includes the Helping Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits Act.  She says service members are suffering from serious health complications likely caused by toxic exposure in areas on military bases where waste, such as human waste, batteries, and other garbage, is incinerated. 


Esty says this bill ensures burn pits don't be come the Agent Orange of this generation of soldiers. 


The measure opens to the door to research on health-related symptoms for those with airborne hazard concerns.


Military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are exposed to a variety of potentially harmful substances including the smoke produced from the burning of waste on military bases. Items such as plastics, aerosol cans, electronic equipment, human waste, metal containers, tires, and batteries are thrown into open pits, sometimes doused with jet fuel, and set ablaze. Smoke from these open-air burn pits can waft throughout the entire base and even into living areas. Health effects from exposure to chemicals found in burn pits can include cancer, neurological and reproductive effects, respiratory toxicity, and cardiovascular toxicity.

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