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Bethel School Start Time Committee discusses survey results

The Bethel School Start Times Committee continues to examine putting all elementary schools on the same time schedule to address the third grade moving to Johnson School as part of the renovations at Rockwell and Johnson.  The committee has decided that in the upcoming school year, all Bethel elementary schools will be on the same time schedule. No other decisions or recommendations have been made at this point.  


The committee felt that there was not enough support among stakeholder groups surveyed to flip secondary and elementary times, and that option was eliminated.  Opposition was because of increased cost of aftercare and getting kids up before 7:30 was too early. 


On November 6th, the committee will be reconvening to discuss a final recommendation. On November 12th, there will be an informational meeting for parents on the final option. The meeting will be at 6PM in the BHS Auditorium. According to survey results, a majority of elementary parents felt their children learn the best in the morning. 


Parents of middle and high school students felt that their children get adequate sleep. They also felt that their children learn best in late morning, and generally supported a later start time. There was not overwhelming support for high schoolers riding the same bus as middle school students. There was some concern expressed regarding start time and its impact on athletes.   Contrary to parent reports, 80-percent of students felt they did not get enough sleep and in general supported a later start time.  There was some concern among students that a later start time would impact after school activities.

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