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Danbury officials looking to revive old rail line into NY

Some Danbury officials are considering ways to make the train ride to New York City quicker.  Part of a recently completed Transit Oriented Development study identified a need to create a hub in Danbury that would get rail passengers where they need to go in less time. 

Right now the ride takes about two to two and a half hours, and sometimes requires Danbury branch customers to switch to the main New Haven line in South Norwalk. 

There's an old rail line that goes from Danbury to Brewster, and City officials want to see if there's a way to connect passengers to the Southeast station.  Right now, many Connecticut residents drive to Southeast and take the hour and 20 minute train ride to Manhattan. 

In order to make the rail project come to fruition, there would have to be cooperation from Putnam County officials. 

The two governmental entities have been looking into shared serve agreements to lower the cost of doing business for residents of the neighboring towns.  One idea under consideration is to extend the sewer line into Brewster along the Route 6 corridor so the area can be developed.  While some City Council members are concerned that the move would create more competition for City businesses, Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says the gesture could make Putnam County officials more amenable to the train proposal.

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