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Danbury to vote on reworked Code of Ordinances

The Danbury City Council held a public hearing about the City's Code of Ordinances.  The repeal of the current Code and replacement with a reworked document drew some concerns.  The entire ordinance book has been digitized, with links available through the City's website. 

Some members supported the theory of updating the document, getting rid of duplicative or outdated language, but were concerned about adopting the new code without having fully read through the more than 500 pages.  One member suggested sending it back to committee to adopt in portions over time, until the entire code is approved. 

There were a lot of questions from Council members over the inclusion of dollar amounts for maximum state fines and fees being included.  The City's attorney explained that the figures are what the state will allow municipalities to charge, not necessarily what the City currently has on the books. 

The Committee of the Whole recommended on a vote of 12 to 5 to recommend that the City Council adopted the recodified Code of Ordinance at their meeting tonight.  Those voting in opposition were Council members Levy, Stanley, Taborsak, Perkins and Rotello.

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