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Brewster firefighters practice cold water rescues

With many area lakes, ponds and reservoirs frozen over right now, Brewster firefighters are reminding people that the thickness of the ice can be unknown.  If you do fall in, firefighters suggest using your elbows to lift yourself up onto the ice and then kick with your legs to try and get your body out of the water.  Brewster firefighters went to Haines Pond on Route 6 yesterday morning to practice their cold water rescue skills. Some firefighters wore bright red and yellow suits made out of a special insulated rubber, which not only protects firefighters from the elements, but also act as a flotation device.  Assistant Fire Chief Michael Bizzaro says there's not a lot of time to save someone before hypothermia sets in and their body shuts down, so it’s important that firefighters learn to act fast.

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Local Headlines