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Local Headlines

Redding teen seeks to raise funds to create skate park

A Redding teenage has gotten approval from the Board of Selectmen to do private fundraising for a Skate Park to be located next to the Community Garden.  Joel Barlow High School Senior Aidan Sheehan told the Board that Parks & Rec has set aside a location and will be responsible for insurance and maintenance.

The goal is to raise $200,000 by the end of 2020 for a 5,000 square foot park, and for construction to be complete by 2022.  Sheehan has collected 300 signatures from residents in support of the proposal. 

First Selectman Julia Pemberton asked what Sheehan’s response would be if questioned why a skate park is needed in Redding since there are others in surrounding towns.  Sheehan noted that some towns have moveable skate parks which require more maintenance than the concrete type park they are planning.  He also said that the tight-knit, young, skateboarding community is required to travel far out of Redding to use such a park currently. 

A Special Use Permit would be required for large events such as competitions.