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The Candlewood Lake Authority is concerned about the second draft of the Nuisance Plant Monitoring report for 2018 from FirstLight Power Resources.  In a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, CLA Executive Director Mark Howarth says while certain changes are positive, others have not sufficiently addressed their initial concerns.  He also says they've raised new questions. 

In one instance, Howarth says there is missing data from Squantz Pond and Lake Zoar that should be included in the final draft. 

The report says the summers of 2007 and 2013 were the only two with algae blooms.  The CLA questioned what the threshold is for an “algae bloom” because other years have had both large and localized blooms in Candlewood Lake.  They cited the example of one at Sherman Town Park in 2017. 

Howarth says the entire section on the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Survey Methods misrepresents a lot of the information and methodology of past CAES surveys, and focuses almost exclusively on surveys conducted before 2014, before the sonar system was added. He believes that manipulates the meaningfulness and message of any comparison to past surveys.

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