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There is still a contested state House seat in Stratford because 76 voters were given the wrong ballots in November, ones which were meant for a different House District.  While debate was underway Wednesday on an early voting bill, Republicans offered an amendment paving the way for a special election. 

House leaders claimed the amendment was not appropriate for the underlying legislation. 

Southbury Representative Arthur O’Neill countered that the issue was was related to voting.  O'Neill said the resolution being voted on was about ensuring voters are enfranchise, are given that opportunity to vote. 

The Democrat won the House seat by 13 votes.  The state House speaker believes the standard wasn’t met to take the unprecedented step of ordering a new election, but they are considering a targeted recanvass in the one precinct in question.  He added that a new election would invalidate the thousands of votes properly cast throughout the district. 

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