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Senate Democrats have held an end of legislative session press conference.  11 of 22 members in the caucus were freshmen legislators. 

Among the accomplishments listed by Danbury Senator Julie Kushner was passing Paid Family Medical Leave Act, increasing the state's minium wage and safe storage gun regulations. 

The caucus also touted a vote moving Connecticut closer to allow early voting and raising the smoking and vaping age to 21.

In 2018, a Workforce Pipeline & Apprenticeship initiative was created to provide rapid work skills training for people seeking employment, then place up to 10,000 participants directly into good paying jobs with a bright future.  Work continued this session to establish a workforce pipeline and job creation task force to continue the positive progress of the initiative.

There was also work done this session to build on a movement from last year to bring Connecticut in line with other states on the statute of limitation for rape.  Connecticut's current standard is 5 years, one of the shortest in the country.  45 state shave no limit, or longer limit than Connecticut.  The “Time’s Up” Act extends the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes to 20 years.

A lesser discussed bill is one to hold utilities accountable for outages.  Connecticut faces the highest rates for electricity in the continental United States, in both price and expenditure.  Lawmaker say response times after power outages are growing, not shrinking. The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority will study industry standards for emergency response and staffing levels, with the intention of finding new mandates that will improve utility companies’ response to future emergencies, bringing power back to homes and businesses faster.

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