Local Headlines

A chain reaction crash on I-84 in Danbury yesterday afternoon sent 5 people to the hospital and caused lane closures and heavy traffic. 

State Police say 37-year old Edan Kaminsky of New Jersey rear ended a van, which was slowing for traffic, between exits 4 and 5.  The van was pushed into two other vehicles.  He was issued a ticket for following too closely. 

The van's driver, Kaminsky and his three passengers -- an adult, an infant and a toddler -- were all transported to the hospital. 

The accident eastbound happened around 2:45pm.  The van sustained significant damage to both its hood and rear end.  Two cars were able to be driven from the scene, while the rental car and the van were towed.  A couple of ambulances were dispatched to the scene. 

There were also rubbernecking delays westbound.