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The Newtown Legislative Council has unanimously passed a resolution opposing tolls.  One of the proposed gantries would be on the Rochambeau bridge on I-84 in Newtown.  

The resolution approved Wednesday night says they are concerned about the unintended consequences of shifting a significant amount of traffic on Newtown's roads as drivers attempt to avoid the cost burden.  The Legislative Council is specifically concerned about the dramatic increase in the number of tractor-trailer trucks and heavy duty trucks on local roads, the damage to the roads, the cost to the town for repairs and the financial burden on Newtown residents. 

The resolution points to the existing traffic congestion in Sandy Hook Center, around Exit 11, by Newtown High School and Church Hill Road.  They also point to safety concerns of increased local traffic potentially delaying emergency personnel.  The Council is concerned that it would discourage retailers and shopping, putting the local businesses at a competitive disadvantage. 

The town's delegation has expressed bipartisan opposition to tolls. The resolution is being sent to the Governor and the state legislature.

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