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Local Headlines

Brookfield to purchase land for campus center expansion

Brookfield residents have decided to buy nearly two acres of land near the municipal center complex.  A Town Meeting was held earlier this month about purchasing the property for $535,000.  

First Selectman Steve Dunn says the property was always intended to be part of the town campus.  The family that sold the other land, kept this parcel and gave the town first right of refusal for 20 years. The 20 years have past and the new owner, Joseph Grimes, is offering to sell it to the town.  The land is zoned as pre-existing, non-complying contractor yard.  

No new contractor yards are permitted in Brookfield.  Dunn says they've had contractors setting up in the parking lot of the bowling alley and the town had to kick them out.  He added that contractors occasionally park their equipment in yards in residential areas as well. 

Town Equipment could be stored in the garage while the town rents the house to the current tenants.  The garage is heated and has a work space.  Vehicles not used regularly could be stored indoors, out of the elements. 

At some point Brookfield will have to expand the police station.  Preliminary designs are done, but given the current property, a lot of that would have to be in the form of another level.  Dunn notes that it's much less expense to build an attachment than to build up.  He estimates that the town could probably save the entire purchase price on the cost of a new police station. 

The money for the property purchase  would come from the town’s capital nonrecurring fund and rentals.