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West Street flooding, railroad grade crossings to be studied in Danbury

Some long standing issues could start to be addressed in Danbury if the proposed bond package is approved in a vote this spring. 

Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says one of the most important projects is the West Street drainage issue under the railroad crossing.  He called it a complicated issue.  A cross pipe is linked directly into the Still River.  As the river comes up, water is pushed into the road, instead of allowing water on the road to go into the river.  He wants to at least do a survey of the area, do an in-depth investigation and preliminary designs. 

The study will look at what it will take to permit and gain easements to resolve the issue. 

Another project would involve the railroad grade crossings.  Mayor Mark Boughton says the poor conditions along Main Street and Balmforth Avenue means people stop short to swerve around the issue, causing safety issues.  

For the first time ever, Iadarola says the City had a meeting with the District Office of the Federal Transit Authority.  Members came down from Boston last week to discuss the issue.  He says the meeting was held to show there's initiative on the City's part to work with the local railroads to get the work done. 

Some of the money will go to road repairs that were left unfinished in the previous fiscal year.  Boughton says that includes Karen Road, where the drainage is done, but final paving is not completed.  Boughton says Long Ridge Road  is in horrible shape and is on the list.  Backus Avenue in front of the mall is also scheduled for repaving.  He notes that it will cost $1.1 million to pave just that one road. 

A vote on the bond package could be held April 28th, the same day as registered voters go to the polls for the primary.

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