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A car was stolen from a Newtown home early Saturday morning.  Police received a report that the keys were left inside the 2019 White Nissan Altima in a Marlin Road driveway.  Newtown Police say the vehicle is believed to be in the Waterbury area and the plate number is AS32123. 

Spokesman Lt. Aaron Bahamonde says these type of crimes are almost 100% preventable and is almost always a crime of opportunity.  He encouraged people to take their keys and valuables out of their car and lock them when unoccupied. 

On Friday morning, around 3am, a resident in the area of Taunton Lake Drive, picked up suspicious activity on their home surveillance camera.  Two cars pull up in front of the house and an individual get out and checked the doors on the homeowners cars.  This incident is currently being investigated.

Newtown Police encouraged residents to consider purchasing a home surveillance systems, saying these tools have become more reliable than a typical residential alarm. 

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