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The Connecticut Department of Public Health is reporting that four state residents have been tested for the coronavirus and all four tested negative.  That pushes the total number of tests for coronavirus in the state to eight. 

Three family members and a neighbor of a 50-year-old man from New Rochelle, New York, who tested positive for coronavirus Tuesday, have also tested positive for the virus.  They remain under quarantine in their home.

Hand washing, for 20 seconds, with soap, remains the best precaution.

Cleaning and hygiene supplies are reportedly in high demand in the Danbury area.  Department of Health Director Lisa Morrissey says she got a text from her husband about a store that was out of hand sanitizer and wipes, with a picture of someone filling the back of their truck with cases and cases of water bottles.  She says there is no expected impact to the water system.  

Councilman Paul Rotello says it's not even a remote possibility that the City would run out of water.  The Department of Public Health has a strict requirement of a 15-percent reserve, based on maximum supply use.  Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says Danbury is in good shape on that front. 

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