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Gov. Ned Lamont plans to issue a new executive order that will require schools across the state to remain closed until April 20, a spokesman said. Lamont, a Democrat, had previously instituted a two-week closure on March 17.

To help students learn while schools are closed, Lamont said the Partnership for Connecticut, a public-private education partnership with Dalio Philanthropies, plans to make 60,000 laptop computers available to high school students. He said the laptops will come at “virtually no cost” to the state of Connecticut.

“Laptops are going to mean that not just suburban kids from wealthier areas, but all kids, can have an access to online learning and education,” he said.

Eligibility is limited to the high schools across the state’s 33 Alliance Districts, including Danbury, that serve significant populations of students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals, and laptop distribution will prioritize students demonstrating the most need.

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