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Two Redding residents with COVID-19 have passed away

Two Redding residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have passed away. The current total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Redding is 29. 

Redding Health officials say now is not the time for guards to be dropped and everyone must continue to “Stay Safe, Stay Home”.  But they acknowledged that households with a tested-positive family member have found it challenging to live under the same roof and not spread the disease to others.  This virus is demonstrating that no one is exempt from illness and that social distancing must apply to everyone. 

Health officials from the federal down to local level are saying at this time it’s best to assume that anyone anywhere could be infected and to act accordingly with precautions. This virus is more transmissible and has ten times the mortality rate of seasonal flu.  

If everyone distances effectively, Redding officials say the end result will be that we can think about getting back to some degree of normality sooner than later.

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