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Danbury Mayor gets tested for COVID-19

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has gotten his nose swabbed to determine if he has COVID-19.  Boughton says he and the Police Chief went to get tested yesterday because they attended a number of protest rallies and were around a lot of people. 

Boughton joked on Twitter that if he could tolerate his skull being removed, this shouldn't be too bad.  That's a reference to his 12-hour surgery in August 2017 to have a non-cancerous, lemon-sized tumor removed from behind his left ear. 

Test results are expected back within 48 hours.  Boughton says the testing was also part of the reopening plan for City Hall. 

There were no deaths reported in Danbury yesterday.  Since the pandemic began, more than a thousand residents have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Coronavirus related hospitalizations in Connecticut are down to 270.  While the state reported 23 fewer people in the hospital yesterday, there were also 23 new COVID-associated fatalities recorded. 

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