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Some new outdoor dining permits in Danbury will end next month

Some of the outdoor dining areas approved in Danbury as part of the Governor's Executive Orders will be legalized for use in future years.  Danbury Zoning Enforcement Officer Sean Hearty says the order waived a number of requirements, including parking and set backs, so some of the patios will not be allowed to stay.  Those businesses will be transitioned back to indoor only. 

Hearty says the rug won't be pulled out from under them when the Executive Order expires in September. 

The Danbury Health, Planning and Building departments worked with the Fire Marshal's Office to get the existing outdoor permits and the new dining options open as quickly and safely as possible. Hearty credited all city employees for working efficiently together on the opening of temporary outdoor spaces. 

He says the biggest issue now is making sure these facilities turn down the noise late at night, and his staff is working with the police department on that front.

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