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The Danbury Public Works Department completed the opening up of every road that was blocked or closed by fallen trees and did not involve wires within a matter of hours.  The work was coordinated across 42 roads, but there were still 43 that were blocked or closed due to trees impacted by electrical lines.  Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola called it very frustrating since his employees are ready to work, but can not.  During this so-called idle time waiting for Eversource, Danbury crews cleaned up what we cut down Tuesday night.

Mayor Mark Boughton is critical of the preparation by Eversource to this storm.  He also questioned why the utility's leader is paid an astronomical amount.  He says there has to be some connection to competency.  If someone is paid $19 million a year and there's no plan to deal with a Tropical Storm, let alone a Hurricane, that's bad.  He acknowledged that this was a complicated storm, but says when the assessment isn't started until two days after the storm that pushes restoration back.

Boughton called on Eversource to engage local contractors on retainer to keep them on call.  He says part of the problem with outside crews is that they don't know where the streets are located. 

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