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Danbury Mayor calls power outage 'life threatening situation' for some

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says a serious situation is developing at the Glen Apartments on Memorial Drive.  There is still no power at the facility for elderly and disabled residents.  Boughton says so far Eversource has not responded to pleas to restore service and there are no trucks on scene. 

HART buses were brought in for cooling overnight, and should there not be any results soon--any resident who wants a shelter the City will figure out a way to pay for their housing. 

Boughton says these situations around Danbury are now becoming life threatening.  He may put out a call for food and ice today if the situation doesn't improve. 

Boughton has been highly critical of Eversource’s response. He said the first Eversource crews arrived in Danbury on Thursday, two days after the storm. Boughton joined state and federal officials in expressing frustration that the utilities didn’t appear to be prepared for the storms, despite having nine years to upgrade their systems and response plans following two storms in 2011 that both knocked out power to 800,000 customers. 

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