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Bethel Police warn of high tech car theft trend

Bethel Police are sharing some safety information about car thefts.  Vehicles have been entered or broken into and stolen frequently over the past few years.  While Police have always recommended not leaving valuables in unoccupied cars and locking them, they're adding new advice.  Bethel Police say thieves are now using signal boosters to steal locked vehicles while the key fobs are inside homes.  Faraday boxes or pouches are one potential way to prevent the signal boosters from being effective.  For people who can't find these items, Bethel Police say there's a low tech option: tin foil may successfully disrupt the signal.  If you are unable to lock and unlock the car while the keys are inside the foil, that's a possibility.  When all else fails, Bethel Police recommend keeping the key fobs in a location further away from where the vehicle is parked.

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