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Ridgefield Police reminder drivers of school bus laws

The Ridgefield School District plans to reopen with a hybrid model through at least the end of September.  With children preparing for a return to the classroom, police are urging drivers and pedestrians to pay attention.  Police ask all drivers to be aware of “back to school” bus, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic.  Under state law, it is mandatory that drivers stop for school buses that have their flashing red warning lights activated, whether they are approaching or following the school bus.  Fines for passing a standing school bus that has its flashing red warning lights activated starts at $470 for a first offense. Parents should remind their children to wait in a safe place, out of the travel portion of the roadway, and only cross the street after looking both ways, even if the red lights are activated.  Police urge children to tell an adult and the police about anything that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable on the way to/from school and while they’re in school. Children should be reminded not to speak to, or get into the vehicles of people they don’t know.

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