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State offers tips to avoid mosquito gatherings, bites

Two Greater Danbury area residents have been diagnosed with West Nile virus and state officials are urging everyone else to take precautions. Mosquitoes require water for reproduction.

There are measures that can help reduce mosquitoes. 

Eliminate standing water suitable for mosquitoes. Dispose of water-holding containers, such as ceramic pots, used tires, and tire swings. Drill holes in the bottom of containers such as those used for recycling.  Turn over objects that may trap water when not in use, such as wading pools and wheelbarrows. 

The state Department of Public Health says homeowners should clean clogged roof gutters.  They also suggest people clean and chlorinate swimming pools. When pools are not in use, use pool covers and drain when necessary. 

Residents should minimize outdoor activities at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. Consider the use of CDC-recommended mosquito repellents, containing DEET, and apply according to directions, when it is necessary to be outdoors.  Be sure door and window screens are tight fitting and in good repair to avoid mosquito bites when indoors.

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