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There's been a lot of arguing and vitriol on Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton's Facebook page lately when he announced COVID-19 numbers for the City.  That's why, starting next week, the statistics will only be posted to the City's website. 

Boughton says he knows people want to get back to normal, but in order for that to happen people have to follow the state's guidance.  He knows it's tiring and tedious to wear a mask, but notes that people aren't wearing the masks as vigilantly as they used to. 

Boughton also reminded people to properly dispose of their masks, and not litter the streets with the medical waste.

On Sunday there were five Danbury residents diagnosed with COVID, 45 on Monday and 21 yesterday.  That's the highest daily number since the spring.  Over the course of the previous week, 163 new cases were reported. 

Boughton acknowledged that the school's distance learning decision came late, but says they wanted to wait until the last minute to see if the numbers would trend back down.  17 staff members also had to quarantine.  He says it might have been better if the district put out word on Wednesday that the numbers were starting to spike up.  Boughton says more communication is always better than less communication. 

A new date to return has not been set.

Acting Health Director Kara Prunty is stepping up enforcement of state regulations in businesses, potentially issuing injunctions and temporary restraining orders so they don't open.  Boughton says the Department is working on one closure notice and if the business doesn't comply, the City will take the establishment to court and get an order to make them close.  He says this is being done because they're a menace to the public health of the City. 

He added that enforcement action is never the first step and businesses are given advice, warnings and other chances to voluntarily comply with COVID-19 prevention measures.

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