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Bethel First Selectman says COVID case increase due to change in state metrics

The number of new COVID-19 infections continue to rise in the Greater Danbury area.

Bethel's two-week rolling daily average of new cases climbed to 19.3.  But First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says part of the big jump is due to a change in metrics used by the state.  The figure now includes "probable" cases along with "confirmed" cases, which he says automatically inflates the numbers. But no matter the metric, he says it's clear that the so-called "second wave" has begun, which prompted new restrictions from the state.

Knickerbocker is highlighting the limit on private gatherings because the data continues to show that most transmissions are occurring when people get a little less disciplined with safety precautions around friends and family members as they socialize. 

He believes Bethel residents have done a great job in keeping themselves and others safe when in public, and asking that they be just as diligent in their homes.  Until the vaccine is available, Knickerbocker says it's the only way to prevent the most vulnerable in society from the disease, as well as protect the fragile economy and keep schools open.



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