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Malloy's Newtown panel backs expanded gun ban

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) Gov. Dannel Malloy's commission reviewing the Newtown school shooting is recommending a ban on the sale and possession of all guns that can fire more than 10 rounds without reloading.

Such a ban would affect both high-capacity rifles and hand guns.

While some commission members felt the proposal was too broad and unfairly classified guns purchased legally as illegal assault weapons, there was enough consensus to forward the idea to Malloy.

Former Newtown Rep. Christopher Lyddy said he feels badly for law-abiding gun owners, but believes the commission needs to "take a stand and give a damn about those lives that have been lost."

The panel met Friday to discuss what to include in an interim report to Malloy, expected to be released on Monday.  Malloy set a March 15th deadline for the work to be completed.


One of the items they discussed was background checks and drug screenings for all staff and volunteers in schools.  Commission chair Scott Jackson says that recommendation does not encourage parent involvement and could have a chilling effect.


Newtown teacher Ron Chivinski says many if not all districts use background checks for staff already.  It was decided to leave the language vague on the type to avoid unfunded mandates, but narrow it down to just background checks and only for staff.


The interim report is likely to include about 60 recommendations.  The group is planning to meet again next Friday with mental health officials to gather more information.

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