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Zebra Mussels detected in Candlewood Lake

Zebra Mussels have been detected in Candlewood Lake.  A dock was removed from the waters last week and it had 6 to 12 live Zebra Mussels attached to it.  The invasive species were attached to the foam on the dock and were not forming colonies.

This is the first time in over 8 years that the dock was removed so the Candlewood Lake Authority says it's unknown how long these mussels have been in the water, and when they attached to the dock. The dock will not be returned to the lake.  During the deep drawdown this winter, CLA will comb the shoreline in that area for any signs of colonization. 

Neighboring docks did not have any visible signs of zebra mussels, and no other docks removed from anywhere in the lake thus far had any signs of attached zebra mussels.

CLA will resume additional dives to search for mussels this upcoming spring. None of CLA's increased monitoring this summer revealed any signs of wide-spread zebra mussel colonization in the lake.

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