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Paid Family Medical Leave withholdings due to state starting next month

A grace period is being offered to employers by the new Connecticut Paid Family Medical Leave Program to collect contributions from employees.  Paid Leave Authority Director Anrdrea Barton Reeves says about half of Connecticut businesses had registered with the Authority to let them know they are aware of their obligation. 

The withheld monies are due at end of March, with a 30 day grace period.  A number of employers have not registered, but have started collecting the remittance, but they need to do both. 

Employers who haven't yet registered can't go back to their employees for the monies due to the Authority, the business will be responsible. 

Connecticut’s new paid family and medical leave law began on January 1st, with residents eligible for up to 12 weeks of income replacement starting next year.  Half of one percent of wages are being collected from employees to build up the trust fund.  The benefit will provide up to 12 weeks of income replacement for workers who need to take time off for personal illness or to take care of a loved one. Qualifying reasons include birth, serving as an organ or bone marrow donor and incidence of family violence. 

An additional two weeks can be available for complications from pregnancy.

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