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Virtual public hearing in Bethel on proposed Fire Commission ordinance

A virtual public hearing is being held tonight by the Bethel Board of Selectmen on a proposed ordinance to create a Fire Commission.  There would be 5 voting members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, including a member of the Board.  The Fire Departments will be represented in a non-voting capacity by one ex-officio member for each of the individual Departments. 

The Commission will serve as an advisory board to the Selectmen, reviewing and making recommendations on purchases, capital expenditures and operational funding for the Fire Departments.  The Commission will be responsible for long-term capital budget planning with a future horizon of at least ten years, annual operational budget planning, and ensuring vehicle maintenance and repair records are retained according to law. 

The Fire Departments will be required to provide monthly expense reports to the Town Finance Department.  Quarterly status reports of vehicle maintenance and repairs must be submitted to the Commission.  They must also submit an annual report to the Commission with a summary of all call volumes and types of calls; budget, accounting expense overview and reimbursements in regards to Town funds; membership summary; immediate future goals, long term goals; and any other information requested by the Commission to aid the Commission in fulfilling its duties. 

Tonight's hearing is at 7pm via zoom.

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