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A several years long legal case involving the Town of Brookfield and its former controller has been settled.  A state Superior Court judge has ruled with Brookfield in a pension dispute. 

Raymond Bolek retired in 2002 after 27 years on the job and received $500 more a month in his stipend than he should have for 12 years.  According to the court decision, a 2014 HR audit found that Bolek’s monthly benefits were calculated under a revised pension plan, not the one in place in 1994.  He retired two years before he would have been eligible to receive full benefits. 

Brookfield officials notified him of the error in July 2015 and asked him to repay more than $111,000.  He did, but sued in 2016 to restore his stipend to the higher amount. 

The court found that the town was not in breach of contract with Bolek’s pension plan, and that Bolek had not provided an adequate burden of proof to support his case. 

First Selectman Steve Dunn told the Newstimes that they had to seek the reimbursement because IRS rules require overpayments made on behalf of the pension plan be pursued.

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