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Newtown Board of Ed updates mask policy for adults for new school year

The Newtown Board of Education has decided that unvaccinated adults who work with students will be required to wear masks in the fall.  Unvaccinated volunteers will also be asked to wear a mask when working with kids.  The Return to School plan was unanimously adopted by the Board and was sent to the state education department for review.  All districts in the state are required to submit their post-pandemic plans.  Desk shields will be taken down, lunches will be served in the cafeteria, and social distancing will be encouraged according to guidance from the health department.  According to the Newtown plan, digital and blended learning “will remain an integral part of instruction, when appropriate.”  Extracurriculars, music and art programs will be conducted according to updated guidelines.  Middle and High School sports will still follow CIAC guidelines.

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Local Headlines