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Area lawmaker opposes bill he says weakens voting process

The State House has approved a bill that would amend the state constitution giving the legislature power to make future changes to the process of casting ballots.  It would also eliminate the requirement for voters to gather at a designated date to cast their votes. 


Southbury Representative Arthur O'Neill says this is a slippery slope to internet voting.  O'Neill says early voting and online voting is far from a fool-proof, integral and safe method of casting votes.  He says that would mean never knowing who truly won elections and would leave the process open to being hacked by people here and in foreign countries.


He says whether for vandalism or by people being paid to subvert the election process for a larger and darker purpose, it would leave questions.


O'Neill says these changes to election laws will render the elections meaningless and subject to potentials for fraud.  He says the fraud would be difficult to detect and once it has occurred , impossible to correct.  He adds that there is no reset button or way for election officials to reimburse citizens if their votes are stolen.


The amendment would also remove restrictions for absentee voting.