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The Brookfield Board of Selectmen has referred the purchase of state land to the Planning Commission.  A $500 application fee was approved to start the appraisal process for an island that will become a pocket park.  Leases for state land start at a minimum of $75 per month. 

The design was originally included in Phase 3 of the overall Streetscape project but was delayed when the state required Brookfield to buy the land.  It will include benches, bike racks, and an art installation.  Selectman Harry Shaker thinks the park is a good idea, but voted against the motion saying he didn’t want to put money down when he was still confused about the plan. 

The Board also approved a Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan UpdateThe previous version was adopted in Brookfield in 2014.  FEMA Region 1 has completed its review of the plan and the Western Connecticut Council of Governments has received conditional approval pending adoption by each individual municipality in the region. 

Adoption of this plan will make Brookfield eligible for funding to alleviate the impact of future natural hazards.  The plan also allows regional towns to work together in a coordinated effort.

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