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The FBI has released crime data for 2020.  Violent crime includes homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. 

Violent crime in Redding and Newtown held steady from 2019, with single-digit offenses reported each year.  Property crimes nearly doubled in Redding and increased by a third in Newtown, and in Ridgefield.  Violent crimes went up in Ridgefield from 1 to 3 last year, compared to 2019. Violent crime in Bethel held steady from 2019, with 6 offenses reported each year. In Brookfield there was one few offense, at 3.  Property crimes dropped slightly in each town.  In New Milford violent crimes increased from 16 offenses to 20.  Property crimes held nearly steady from the year before. 

In addition to municipal and state police departments, they also collected data from universities.  West Conn had no violent crimes reported in 2020, compared to 1 in 2019.  There were 4 property crimes reported to West Conn Police last year, compared to 15 in 2019.

Violent crime in Danbury remained relatively flat last year, one less than 2019.  Danbury did experience four homicides last year though, a level not seen since 2006.  There were 98 violent crimes.  Robberies in Danbury rose to 40 in 2020, up 42 percent from the year before  Aggravated assault fell to 45, down 15 percent from 2019.  Overall property crime decreased in Danubry last year. 

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