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Work is being done to remove debris and sediment from two areas in Danbury where there is routine flooding.  Following Tropical Storm Ida, the Department of Public Works updated their plans with the state Department of Transportation.  The Construction Services team, with an on-call bridge consultant, inspected the two critical bridges at West Street and Eagle Road once the flood stage receded. 

They worked with the City Engineer to start an emergency plan to remove debris and sediment impacting West Street.  Dead trees fall into the river and cause a blockage, so some trees still standing were taken down as a preventative move. 

Crews tried to make additional capacity in the brook by removing 550 yards of material.  Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says there's a dam which controls the water elevation to that bridge.  He says lowering the water level by removing sediment didn't make much of a difference because it's totally controlled by the dam. 

The West Street bridge was built in 1925 and Iadarola says probably due for a complete replacement at some point. 

There's a steel plate in the sidewalk, which was installed as the City tries to figure out how to keep the river from coming up over the roadway.  Iadarola says he thinks they have a solution, but didn't elaborate.  They will continue looking at other bridge structures impacted by Ida flooding. Construction Services is performing the work using in-house resources. 

Next up will be work to try to alleviate flooding at Shelter Rock and Eagle roads.

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