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West Street in Danbury wasn't closed from flooding yesterday until later in the evening.  The Public Works Department recently cleaned out debris and sediment from the Still River, and did some work on the embankment to prevent the river from rising above its banks onto the road. 

West Street was closed last night in the area of the railroad overpass and remained closed into this morning.

Danbury officials may have come up with a plan to alleviate flooding on Main Street.  The street was closed Monday night into yesterday afternoon because of water over the roadway.  Mayor Joe Cavo, who recently retired as Superintendent of Apparatus for the Fire Department, proposed using a pump to clear the flooding.  The Public Works Department started that work around 11am yesterday in the area of Elmwood Place. 

Cavo says an investigation after the last flooding determined that it stems from a culvert, likely constructed in the 1920s. Tree roots are blocking the pipes.  Danbury has designed a project to install a new pipe, but wants the state Department of Transportation to take on the work since Main Street is technically Route 53. 

The state would need to obtain an easement from a private property owner. 

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