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State bonding approval expected for Danbury War Memorial infrastructure upgrades

Funding for improvements to the Danbury War Memorial is on the state Bond Commission's agenda next week.  A $1.4 million grant in aid line item is included for renovations including upgrades to the utility, fire alarm and sprinkler systems. War Memorial Association Board Chairman Chick Volpe says he's very thankful and called the funding, expected to be approved on the 21st, a nice Christmas present.  Being a non-profit, he says there is no way they could have raised that kind of money on their own.
“I am thankful to the State Bonding Commission for the authorization of these critical funds for the Danbury War Memorial,” Rep. Stephen Harding (R-107th) said. “This memorial has served as a historic and vital building for the people of Danbury for generations and this funding will help to ensure it continues to serve in that same important capacity for generations to come.”

“The Danbury War Memorial Building is a block from my house. I spent time using it for decades,” State Representative Bob Godfrey (D-110th District) said. “It’s a community center, an exercise facility, a voting place, and most importantly, Danbury’s Emergency Shelter. It’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are old, and need to be brought up to code. This is a big step forward.”

“Over the years, like most Danburians, I’ve attended countless meetings, veterans’ events and basketball games at the War Memorial,’ Senator Julie Kushner said. “I so appreciate that the War Memorial has been there for our homeless when Covid hit our community hard, and after the last major flooding event the doors were opened yet again to provide shelter to those in need. I’m grateful that this grant-in-aid to the City of Danbury to allow us to upgrade utility systems that are desperately needed, helping to preserve a great Danbury institution and keeping its users safe and secure. I’m grateful to the Governor and the State Bond Commission for supporting the Danbury community.”

“The Danbury War Memorial Building has been a cornerstone of our local community for years. This grant will ensure that the building will be able to undertake some much-needed renovation projects. I’d like to thank the State Bond Commission for their continued commitment to Danbury,” said State Representative Kenneth Gucker (D-109th)

“I was a member at the Danbury War Memorial for about 15 years and echo Rep. Godfrey’s sentiments,” State Rep. Pat Callahan (R-108th) said. “It is a wonderful facility for the Danbury community.”

“The Danbury War Memorial is a vital resource for so many in our community,” said State Rep. Raghib Allie-Brennan (D-2nd). “Securing these funds will ensure the War Memorial can be updated to meet the growing needs of Danburians for years to come. I am grateful to the State Bond Commission for granting our request and recognizing the importance of this community mainstay.”

“I am pleased funding for the War Memorial was prioritized in this round of state grants and dated equipment along with critical upgrades to the facility will now happen,” said Rep. David Arconti (D-109th). “With these vital upgrades our community will continue to enjoy this facility for years to come.”

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