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Local Headlines

Teachers wearing black, calling for increased COVID safety

Some teachers in the Greater Danbury area wore black yesterday as part of a show of support for safer and healthier schools.  NEA Danbury, the teachers’ union, called for promised N95 masks to be delivered, and the option to move to remote learning when needed.  Schools participating in the call to action also included Newtown and Brookfield. 

New Fairfield Superintendent Pat Cosentino says the local union told her they appreciate how administrators have communicated with them and wouldn't be participating.  She says if districts were allowed maybe three remote days for staffing issues or COVID surges, that could be helpful.  She notes that it's important to have kids in school for their social-emotional well being and their academic well being.

Some Connecticut educators wore red, saying they oppose the idea of going back to any online teaching and would like to see an easing of some COVID-19 protocols.

The wearing black demonstration was organized by a coalition of education labor groups, who asserted that a majority of their 60,000 members were unable to access testing or masks upon returning to school from the holiday break Jan. 3.

“I had schools that opened this week and still didn’t have masks, and that’s problematic,” Kate Dias, president of Connecticut Education Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union, said in a statement.

The unions held rallies outside of some schools Wednesday morning as children arrived.