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Upstream Properties mixed use development approved in Bethel, new overlay zone

The Stony Hill Mixed Use Overlay Zone has been approved by the Bethel Planning and Zoning Commission.  The group also approved a site plan/special permit for a mixed used development at 48 Stony Hill Road. 

Upstream Properties has proposed 137 residential units and 9, 606 square feet of commercial development.  The vacant parcel is between the Copper Square townhouses and Mountain Laurel Plaza.

The Commission reviewed aspects of the map amendment for the overlay zone and determined that the proposed district will create a desirable development that will provide affordable housing opportunities and support existing commercial entities located within the Route 6 Zone.  For parcels at least five acres in size, up to 20 units per acre would be allowed within the zoning change, compared to 10 units currently permitted in the Route 6 zone. 

The Commission also determined that the proposed text amendment is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Bethel and will aid in providing more diversity in housing as stated in the Plan of Conservation & Development Plan of 2020. 

The term affordable was changed from state to area median income.

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