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Bethel Water Department starts 2022 hydrant flushing program

The Bethel Water Department has started its 2022 hydrant flushing program.  The project is expected to take four weeks to five weeks to complete.  Department officials say hydrant flushing is necessary to improve water quality and fire protection throughout the system. Hydrant flushing may cause temporary discolored water and/or pressure fluctuations. The discolored water is due to the removal of accumulated sediment, predominantly naturally occurring minerals, such as iron and manganese. Hydrant flushing provides an opportunity to check the mechanical operation of the hydrants, as well as the available flow. Customers are advised to check the color of their water before using and avoid using hot water, washing machines or dishwashers during periods of temporary discolored water. If discolored water is experienced, flush from the cold tap in the bathtub or outside spigot until it clears. A list of streets to be flushed with an approximate schedule is posted on the Town of Bethel's website.

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