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Danbury Planning Commission recommends not changing City's new cannabis regulations

One group of Danbury officials is giving a negative recommendation to changing the City's new rules on where cannabis establishments can be located. 

The Planning Commission voted 3 to 1 for the negative referral to the Zoning Commission on an application to change the boundary measurements from cannabis retailers to residential zones.  The regulations call for at least 200 feet from the property line to the start of the nearest residential zone.  D&B Wellness, the owner of the medical marijuana dispensary on Mill Plain Road and doing business as The Botanist, asked that the measurement be from the front door of the business.  

Planning Commission chair Arnold Finaldi was sympathetic to the applicant. 

“We are talking about 25 feet — I mean what the hell difference does it make — 25 feet? There has got to be a way to fix this,” Finaldi said.  He also responded to arguments that the regulations were put in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of residential neighborhoods.
“I am all for protecting residential neighborhoods, but protecting them against what? A business that is selling a substance that the state deems to be legal for medicinal or recreational use?” Finaldi added.

Danbury's retail marijuana business regulations were adopted August 9th. The Danbury Zoning Commission is holding a hearing on the regulation change application September 27th.

D&B Wellness is looking to apply for a state hybrid retailer license to expand operations from just medical purposes to also include recreational cannabis sales.  


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