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Brookfield raises rent on town-owned house

The Town of Brookfield owns several rental properties and the Board of Selectmen has been working to bring the payments more in line with trends in the housing market.  In a vote of 2-1 at their meeting this month, the Board raised the rent at 28 Obtuse Hill Road from $1,100 a month to $1,600.  The rent hasn't been raised since 2013.  First Selectwoman Tara Carr says the market rate for rent for the property is $2,400 a month.  The 1,176-square-foot home was built in 1870 and purchased by the town in 2003 for $625,000.  In April, the Board increased the rent for the 8 Nabby Road property from $1,325 to $1,600.  The property at 43 Silvermine Road didn't have a rent change and is $1,750 a month.  The last town-owned residence at 35 Obtuse Hill Road has a rent of $1,000 per month, under a three-year contract set to expire next year.  All four of the properties have market values for rent between $2,400 and $2,600, according to the assessor’s office. Carr has indicated that Brookfield should not be in the landlord business and wants to sell the properties, except the Silvermine Road home which is part of the Town Hall campus.