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Newtown state Rep. unopposed in 106th House District

Newtown state Representative Mitch Bolisnky is running unopposed in the 106th District.  He says affordability is topmost of people's minds right now.  He says the state should be careful of unintended consequences of policies the legislature enacts.   Bolinsky says children's mental health issues have created a crisis in the education system.  He says kids are a lot more isolated and believes society needs to reclaim compassion, civility and kindness.  He touted a pair of mental health bills passed in the last General Assembly session and supports creative arts therapy.  He says in the crisis days of Sandy Hook, reaching children sometimes required something other than talk therapy. He's working to certify dance and movement therapy.  Bolinsky says seniors are feeling the economic pinch as much as anybody and applauded his colleagues from removing the state tax burden from social security and pension incomes.  He says that's been a five year process.  He wants the state to look at how Connecticut deals with accessory apartments and other related issues.  When it comes to infrastructure, considering the amount of federal dollars available, Bolinsky says the state process is slow.  He sees a lot of need to reduce the congestion on I-84 and thinks the DOT is working off old traffic studies.  He says the highway should be at least three lanes from Danbury to Waterbury, which will make less of a bottleneck in Newtown.  Public safety is another concern.  He says there's a certain lack of respect for the law right now.  Bolinsky says the most recent crime stats are deceptive because of the pandemic.  During the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, crime was down so Bolinsky says the comparison is absurd.  Compared to 2019, property crime, murder and assaults are up.  He wants to look at the recent criminal justice reforms approved in the General Assembly.  

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