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"Leaf Season" has started on the Danbury Branch of Metro North and effected Monday night's commute.  There was some bussing around certain stations because of decomposing leaves and rain.  Connecticut Rail Commuter Council member Jim Cameron says those mix, making the tracks extremely slippery.


Cameron says this problem is not unique to Metro North.  It happens on uphill tracks where decomposing leaves build up.  Metro North does make announcements when bussing will be required.  He says it's an uphill climb from Norwalk to Danbury and if the trains stopped at every station, the conductors wouldn't be able to get enough traction to move the train up the hill again.


Cameron says despite Metro North's best efforts, the leaves do build up.  Railroad workers use brooms, high power water sprays and other tools to clear the tracks.  But the trains run under a leafy canopy.

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