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The Ridgefield Planning and Zoning Commission has held a public hearing on a number of items, including a moratorium on accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries and production facilities.  The hearing was held Tuesday night.


Town Planner Betty Brosius said in the Ridgefield Press that a moratorium would give commission members time to decide how and if they should regulate such facilities and where they could be located. 


Monroe planning and zoning officials are considering a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries as they figure out Connecticut’s new state medical marijuana law.  In Monroe, a proposal has been made for a marijuana production facility at a vacant industrial building.


Shelton and Ansonia have already imposed moratoriums to study how their zoning regulations fit in with the state law for marijuana dispensing facilities.


Regulations were approved by the state Department of Consumer Protection at the end of August.  By a voice vote, the General Assembly’s Regulation Review Committee approved the rules crafted by the Department of Consumer Protection. While there were some nay votes, no tally was taken. Some cheers erupted in the audience after the regulations were declared approved.


The wide-ranging regulations address everything from how marijuana dispensaries and growers will operate to how marijuana can be kept secure and unadulterated. The General Assembly passed the original legislation that created the medical marijuana program in 2012.

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