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While Danbury Police were out with extra enforcement of the cell phone use ban, citations were also made for other motor vehicle violations.  More than 275 cell phone infractions were caught by Danbury Police between October 9th and the 16th.  During that time 145 people were cited for texting while driving. 


When officers were conducting motor vehicle stops, they also issued 26 tickets for seat belt infractions, cited one person for having an unrestrained child in the car and caught one person speeding past them.  Nine unregistered motor vehicles were also stopped.


Officers also charged two drivers for narcotics violations.  Five people were ticketed for traffic signal infractions and one uninsured motorist was cited.  53 other traffic violations were also cited. 


Danbury Police also cited 10 drivers for vehicle equipment violations, four drivers for having suspended licenses and one generic distracted driving infraction. 


Police also apprehended eight fugitives during the enforcement effort.  Danbury Police did not detail what the charges were for on those outstanding warrants.


In June, the Connecticut Department of Transportation also administered grants to municipalities to ramp up patrols.  The one week campaign in Danbury resulted in more than 500 citations being issued to drivers who were texting. 


The state grant paid for the majority of the costs of the October enforcement with Danbury picking up about $4,000 of the cost.  The funding to cover that is available in the Police Department's budget.  The cost covered four officers and one supervisor working 56 hours each on the enforcement.

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