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Western Connecticut State University students, faculty and administrators are weighing in on the cost of a college degree.  They participated Thursday in a roundtable discussion hosted by Senator Chris Murphy, who is looking to introduce legislation to make college more affordable.  Murphy says Congress spends too much time talking about the rate on students loans and not enough time to talk about lowering the cost of college.


Murphy who says it's not enough to give schools more money, the cost of school has to be lowered.  He suggested less time in school.  He suggested that colleges try awarding degrees when students achieve a certain set of schools rather than taking a set number of classes.


He says in a short time the United States went from being top in the world for the number of people college degrees, to 12.  He says a lot of that has to do with cost.


He says he also has a personal stake in this issue.  He and his wife are still paying off student loans while saving for their two young sons.  He says they are representative of millions of families who have to pay off past college degrees while saving for future ones.


Murphy says over the last 20 years, the cost of college has risen by 300 percent, putting a degree out of reach for thousands of students across Connecticut.

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